Classical dressage is still considered the training foundation of today’s competition dressage. The same basic principals are also used in other equestrian sports. Classical dressage is about improving the horse’s natural ability to collect, resembling the way it would if in the wild. This natural collection is visible in all breeds from Friesians and Haflingers to Welsh Cobs and Arabs. Although we specialize in Lusitanos the same concept and training techniques can benefit all styles of riding and all horses!

We train along the traditional lines allowing the horse to develop the correct muscle structure and movement. Ultimately the horse achieves balance and self-carriage. The horse can then respond appropriately to a rider’s slight aids to perform willingly and with impulsion whilst remaining relaxed and looking effortless. Our aim is to produce happy, relaxed and confident horses and for our horses and riders to maximize their potential and achieve harmony whilst riding.

At Classical Equines you will witness and experience Portuguese classical dressage and the beauty and talent of well trained Lusitanos. It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Many riders have said that they have learned more here in just a few days than in years of previous experience riding at home.

We have hand selected quality Lusitanos for sale, which are trained by classical dressage professionals. We also offer clinics, lessons, training and riding holidays. You may wish to combine your training and horse shopping together and therefore custom packages are available on request. We have access to some great quality breeders in Portugal to help find your ideal horse. We can help negotiate the purchase price, arrange vet-checks with x-rays, and transportation to almost anywhere in the world including places such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Sweden,  Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Finland, most of Europe, the USA and Canada, who are among the biggest clients for Lusitano horses.

For horses that are to be transported to the USA and Canada, we can contact the Böse Laboratory in Germany and arrange blood tests to ensure that your horse does not carry piroplasmosis. We have previously exported many Lusitanos to a prestigious stable in California, USA very successfully. Piroplasmosis has been reported in a wide range of European countries, but all the horses born in the North of Portugal, that we have tested, have been negative for piroplasmosis. Horses that are positive for piroplasmosis can not be imported into the USA. This is why it is very important to get your horse tested right a way.

We hope to make your dressage dreams a reality and send you home feeling happy, inspired and fulfilled. 

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