Classical Shows

Classical Equines in connection with Centro Hipico e Turistico do Vale do Sousa present Classical Dressage Shows all over Europe. We have a number of spectacular acts such as Long Reins, Simulated Bull Fighting, Portuguese Games of War, Pas de Deux, Airs Above the Ground and a Solo Light number, where the stage is in darkness and only the horse is illuminated, to name just a few. All acts are performed in wonderful costumes with specially choreographed music.

Organizers can choose to have a complete show or a selection of various acts. Our Lusitano horses are extremely well trained, talented and leave the crowd in awe. Our horses are well adjusted to travelling and have performed in Portugal, Spain, France and Germany. Having a display at your event might just be that special ingredient to increase the number of spectators.

If you are interested in having us perform at your event. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to send you a quote. The quote will depend on whether you require a complete show or selection of acts, the travelling distance as well as the number of performances.

We look forward to astounding your audience!



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