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Riding Holiday

Whether it be a weekend getaway or two weeks vacation, Portugal is a country full of beauty and tradition. This may be the one opportunity when you can even pack your horse or you can simply ride one of ours.

As you are on holiday there are no set schedules. We have a number of services available to you, from dressage, jumping, in hand work to hacking. You are welcome to spend all day at the stables if that is your desire, as there are plenty of horses to keep one entertained. We have B+B accommodation, a restaurant and swimming pool all suitably located close to the stables. Please take a look at our Facilities.

Porto is an easy 25min drive from Freamunde with a wealth of history and plenty of attractions for tourists such as the tasting of many famous Port Wines in the wine cellars along the canal, visiting the cathedrals and churches with their tiled mosaics and gilded carvings and the dramatic bridges such as the grand Dom Luis I Bridge, built by an Eiffel tower disciple. In addition there are medieval fortifications and beautiful beaches. If one gets hungry there are a number of places to stop and try customary cuisine or a delicious pastry or two.

We are also situated close to the town of Guimarães the birth place of Portugal itself and the foundation of Portuguese nationality. It is a beautiful city with a variety of colours full of monuments and artistic attractions – a must-see for tourists with a historical interest.

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