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Train and Board


Classical Equines accepts horses for training, from beginners all the way up to Grand Prix. Each horse is evaluated and given their own unique training program according to individuality, experience, goals and objectives.

The owner can visit any time to ride or to take lessons on their horse. Training fees vary depending on whether it is full training or part time training (number of days per week).


All our stables all have lighting and automatic water systems. We have inner stables and outer stables, with windows overlooking the main court yard. Horses are fed 3 times a day. All boarding horses at Classical Equines must be in work, whether ridden by the owner or in training. We offer exercising, lunging and turn out at an additional fee. Boarding starts at 450 Euros per month. We have 3 indoor arenas, 2 out door arenas, an electric walking machine, tuff areas for schooling and lovely hacking trails. Where else can you ride against the backdrop of such wonderful views? For more information please take a look at our riding facilities.

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