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Anyone who is interested in classical dressage should get themselves to Portugal or a clinic for some training with Carlos Carneiro and Trisha Robertson. Carlos is one of those few gifted riders who can see, explain and demystify for a student what is going wrong and how to correct, quietly and positively. You finish a class with Carlos with a surge of confidence that says yes, I can do this! If you are interested in liberty work, ask Trish to give you a demonstration with her horse, they have an extraordinary rapport. When you aren�t riding you can watch Trish and Carlos working with their horses and be inspired. Trish and Carlos have marvelous horses for you to ride, the facilities are first class, the setting is beautiful, there is a very good restaurant on the premises, and a lovely swimming pool, what more could one possibly wish for?

Abigail Morris (retired) France - Bouilland


Hi Carlos and Trish! Thanks so much for the last clinic in Austria and the wonderful time we had. Best of all was, of course, that little Fado arrived with the transport at the same time!!! Fado, the wonder-Lusitano, is getting fatter by the day eating wonderful Austrian hay. Thanks so much for taking such good care of him before he got on the transporter bound for Austria. I\'ll send pictures of him soon! Thanks again and see you both in June. Lisa

Lisa Austria


Dear Carlos and Dear Trish, once again many thinks for the fabolous clinic in Oktober. Our horses are doing so well, Nico does since the last clinic also perfect on both sides lateral works in trott, and a really good piaffe. Also the horse Petra started last clinic with Passage and the flying change. She can ride the flying change now alone at home. We are looking forward to come to you in February, and the other cant wait til the next clinic in March or April. Best wishes all of us Karolin

Karolin (Self Employed) Austria


Dear Trish and dear Carlos, thank you for the stay and the very fine riding lessons in Portugal. It was my first time to ride a stallion, first time to sit in a piaffe and passage. I must say: it feels great! Carlos, you are a very patience teacher, who knows in one second what kind of rider you are and how you can grow better. Moreover you and Trish take much care of us 4 girls to make us feel comfortable the whole time. Thanx and we look forward to meet you again!

Sabine Darmstadt - Germany


Dear Carlos and dear Patricia, we enjoyed the clinic so much and we are all so happy and looking forward to our next clinic in oktober. My horse nico has changed so much you made a brain wash to him !! He is doing the piaffe so fine and he is also fine and easy with the lateral works !! Thank you so much !! To Trish, we are happy that you came with Carlos. Best wishes \"Rudl\" your surf teacher. In reference to the horses which have problems with the skin you can google EMa and Bokashi. We hope you come with Carlos in Oktober. Looking forward to see both of you in Oktober we hugh you and greetings all of us 🙂

Karolin österreich - Villach


Dear Carlos, It was a wonderful clinic, thank you so much. Your quietness and kindness created a wonderful atmosphere for both horses and riders to learn in. We are all looking very forward to the next clinic in October. Dear Trisch, Thanks for joining Carlos and bringing your humor. I hope you enjoyed the wind surfing (even though you had no wind :)). Thanks again to both of you and see you again in October. Lisa

Lisa Illichmann (Self Employed) Austria - Villach


Complimenti ho visto alcuni scorci di fotografie del luogo di dove Vi trovate ed veramente stupendo, ma sporattutto i Vostri bellissimi cavalli lusitani sono veramente spettacolari specialmente il cavallo di 15 anni di nome OPTIMO. A vedere dal filmato fatto su di lui, veramente un cavallo "OPTIMO"!



I really enjoyed looking at your web page .

Hazel Paulo Portugal - Cascais


Perfect Perfect Perfect !!! We really enjoy our trip, your horses, the lessons and trails, the rooms, the restaurant and everything 🙂 Carlos & Trish: very hospitable :-))) Hope to see u both soon ... Nadine

Nadine Niemeyer-Glade (...) Germany - Bremen


Dear Carlos and Trish, thank you for some wonderful days and this great experience we both made! Your horses are lovely and it was an honour for me to ride your great horse(s)!;-) Hope we�ll see us soon again in germany, Trish should start to train for the trail with Nadine when you�re coming to us! 😉 Best wishes and we stay in touch! Miriam

Miriam and Nadine Germany - Bremen


Hello! Thank you so very much for everything that you did for me! The week I spent at your place was one of the the best weeks I have ever had! I am so grateful and I really hope that I can come back and ride with Carlos again on your lovely and well educated horses soon. I have learned more in one week than I have in many years of riding! My room was very nice and the food and wine at your restaurant was absolutely great too! Best regards Katarina in Sweden

Katarina Sweden


Hey Carlos! Very professional Hompage, with wonderful Lusitanos! Looking forward to seeing you soon!:o) Best wishes Tina

Tina Juger Deutschland - Furth


wonderful site and pictures,we have always enjoyed your cliniques .i wish you and your team all the best and big succes for the future and merry christmas judith

reitinstitut-zimmermann (riding school and horse training) deutschland - viernheim


Hi Carlos, LOVE the website - fantastic job!!! Looking forward to seeing you soon. Best regards, Chris & Tony Taludo & Urgal

Chris & Tony (Sales) USA - Tracy, California, USA


Hey carlos, very nice new homepage, very professional. Até breve! Lucie

Lucie Germany

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