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Lusitano Stallion

Born in 2003
Sold to Katarina
in Sweden
December 2010

I was very clear with what I wanted, when I asked Carlos to help me to find a perfect horse for me. Carlos did a great job! He tested a lot of horses for me. Most of the horses were not owned by Classical Equines and the reason that I finally bought a horse from your company, was that you simply had the best horse!
I am extremely satisfied with my wonderful and highly trained horse Xadrez. Even my trainer, that is a Grand Prix rider, loves him so much that she asked me at least 10 times if I am willing to sell him to her! But I am not, so hopefully Carlos can help her in the future to find another Lusitano stallion that is just like mine. I can highly recommend Classical Equines if you want to buy a quality horse and hope that you will be equally as satisfied and happy as I am!

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Lusitano Stallion

Born in 2007
Sold to Alexandra
in Belgium
December 2010

“I really like this horse, he is learning fast and has a great mind, and he hasn’t been traumatized before, so he has a pure mind which is great! I am sure we will have a lot of fun together! He is only 3 and with the work he’s gonna get stronger and stronger, he already changed in one week, I am very happy!”

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Lusitano Gelding

Born in 2006
Sold to Birgitta
in Sweden
September 2010

“Today Bolero got new shoes on all 4 feet. He was calm and nice. The riding has still been good. I have bought a new coat. So I think he shouldn’t freeze this winter. He really likes the food.”

“Everything is fine with Bolero and me. We have just been away some days for dressage training.It was really good.  I think Bolero is a very good horse, he is still a young horse and we take small steps. I think that in the future he will be a really good horse. I´m so satisfied with him. So I`m still happy for him. I hope I can come and visit you in the autumn. It should be good to train on your horses.”25/4/2011

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Lusitano cross Stallion

Born in 2002
Sold to Miriam
in Germany
August 2010

“He´s great…, every day a pleasure to ride!”

“I tell every body the funny story about how I didn´t want to have a Lusitano when I came to you, I still had an Oldenburger and a PRE stallion. I just wanted to ride some lessons with Carlos and wanted to have fun with my friend Nadine who accompanied me. She saw Vingador on your website and told me how sweeeet he is. 😉

When we arrived she was asking for Vingador and told me always: “look how cuuuute he is, isn´t he cuuute!?” She gave him tons of bananas and apples and I said to Nadine that I´d never spend so much money for a horse and he’s already to small for me with my 178 cms height. She asked Carlos if he could ride him for us and when I saw Vingador in the arena I thought; “WOW!” Afterwards Nadine asked if I can also ride him and Carlos agreed, so I rode him and when I sat on him I fell deeply in love! So cute and so willing to work, it was a long time ago that I had so much fun riding a horse.

We came back to germany and I decided to sell my two horses and buy Vingador, in September Vingador arrived and I was very happy. Now one year is nearly over and I´m still happy with him, he´s still cute and handsome, we do dressage to the highest level, we make Garrocha work, my 11 yr old daughter can ride him in the passage, we go into the forrest and he´s a very good jumper, last week a jumped over a 120 cm wooden fence on his own. So I have to say THANK YOU for selling me this beautiful and great horse, I love him very much!

Best wishes and thanks a lot!

Miriam and Vingador – July 2011

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Lusitano Stallion

Born in 2003
Sold to Tina
in Germany
April 2010

“I had the last week my first Working Equitation competition with Xeque. He was great! We reached the second place in the dressage and the fourth place in the complete competition. In Dressage, Trail, and Speedtrail in an area more than 3 km!”

“I´m very happy with Xeque because he is very talented and his character is very friendly. Classical Equines is a very professional stable and Carlos does a very good job with the horses.

My first address when I search for a Lusitano is Classical Equines!”